Holding Deposit Terms:

  • All units are held with a $500 Holding Deposit on your personal credit card. If you show, this hold will be released. If you don’t show, or cancel within 30-days, you will be charged.
  • Since we receive many more inquiries than we can accommodate, the units are booked on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Only a Holding Deposit will guarantee that the requested unit will be available on the requested dates.
  • Once the Holding Deposit is setup, the unit will be held for you. All other requests for those dates will be refused.
  • The full amount first month’s rent will be charged to your government credit card upon arrival.

Pet Policy

  • Dogs are welcome at 3 of our units. Chamoune House, Maya’s House, and Peaceful Condo.
  • All 3 are built to be very dog-friendly with large, fenced in backyards for your dog to run around in. Some have doggy doors.
  • There is a one-time $300 pet fee (to cover the additional cost of cleaning and pet wear and tear) per dog. This will not be charged to your government credit card, but deducted from your points.
  • Due to previous guest damage, there is a $300 per dog, fully refundable, security deposit. This is payable via personal check, CC, or PayPal and will be refunded to you if there is not “unreasonable” damage due to your dogs.
  • At the discretion of management, some dog breeds may not be allowed.
  • All dogs must be in good health and need to be approved prior to arrival.
  • No other pets are allowed.
  • Please contact us prior to your visit if you wish to bring your dog

DOD Employee Occupancy Per Unit:

Contact us for details.

Non-DOD Visiting Guests:

  • The number of occupants you signed up for is specified on the “Terms” page of your contact.
  • Non-Overnight Visiting Guests: A guest is welcome to have occasional non-overnight guests, i.e. dinner guests, up to 5 times a month. They must also comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed upon the “Occupancy” section of your contact and only use street parking.
  • Overnight Visiting Guests: Overnight guests (family, BF, GF, etc.) are welcome with advanced notice. They must also comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed upon the “Occupancy” section of your contract and only use street parking.
  • Because overnight guests increase the usage of electricity, water, wear, and tear, and the value of the unit, you have an overnight guest allowance.
  • The overnight guest allowance is 1 guest for a maximum of 5 days a month.
  • Overnight guests that stay beyond this allowance impact your reward points.
  • Please notify us if you plan to have any overnight guests at all.