I am from Seaback WA and am here on TDY. I heard about the place from a co-worker. I heard I can use my per diem, have a really nice place to stay, and still get back some money.

The unit was really nice. Even though I was away from home, it gives all the feeling of being home. It is not like being in a hotel or contract housing.

It sucks to get sent somewhere for work, and get stuck in a crappy place. The last place has mold, cockroaches, was dirty, didn’t feel safe, etc.

Here is are quiet, safe, clean, and an easy commit to work (Coronado). All the stores and restaurants and things you need are nearby. It is fully furnished with everything you need, including an entertainment system.

It was cool to have my fellow co-workers around. If I wanted privacy I had my space, if I wanted to hang out and share a drink or dinner, I could do that also.

B.B. – Shop 26 Welder