I am from Bremerton and got sent to San Diego on a TDY duty trip to work in Coronado.

Originally I was at the Woodlands apartments, through Team Housing Solutions. It was a long way from work and the traffic on the way home was really bad.

I heard about this place from my co-worker John Jennings. He said this was a great place and that I should look into it. I jumped all over it.

The drive from North Island was only about 20 min, way better than the contract housing place. If I did get caught in traffic on the way home, it wasn’t so bad.

It was great to be around all my shipyard buddies, enjoy mutual dinners, play cards, and hang out. We had the whole Gillespie House to ourselves. The ambience at the place is great. It is really mellow and relaxed. I felt really comfortable there. When you work 10 and 12 hours shifts, it is really great to have a great place to unwind when you get off work.

The host and his wife were awesome and went out of their way to help us all enjoyed our stay there.

I’m from more of a country background, so it was great to hear the hear crickets at night and the birds chirping in the morning.

Some of my buddies got sent to stay downtown, mostly at the Pinnacle. When I went to visit them, I felt uncomfortable there. At the downtown place, you hear police sirens every few hours. Makes it hard to sleep. Bums all over the place. A buddy and me watched someone OD one night. Ambulances and all that. That was right off the back porch. Not something you want to see. There was a shooting one night a block away. Not fun.

If you are on a per diem, Mike and his crew will give you a home-like place to stay and you can make money at the same time.

I was much happier at this place. If I get reassigned to San Diego, this will be my number one choice of where to stay.

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